Bone-In Ham Steaks
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The traditional bone-in ham steak is cut from a bone-in ham. It has a great amount of star and seam fat, which makes the steak very high in fat and difficult to handle. This has been the only option available until now.

Michael Stevison, President of Stevison Ham Company, was asked by a customer to give them a bone-in ham steak that weighed six ounces. He informed them that he could not make such a steak from a bone-in ham because it would be too thin. This inspired Mr. Stevison to meet with the research and development team at Stevison Ham Company and discuss the fact that we take the bone out of the ham when we make a boneless ham, so why couldn't we put the bone back into the ham? The team worked on several plans until they came up with the best solution. Then, Stevison Ham Company patented the process and the product. This revolutionized the bone-in ham steak and has provided a lean, delicious, portion controlled product that can be found on breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus across the country.

Spiral Sliced Hams
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Our Spiral Sliced Ham with Natural Juices is skinless, trimmed to 1/8" fat cover and short-shanked to reduce waste. It is slow cooked with genuine Tennessee Hickory Hardwoods to ensure a tender, moist, flavorful product. It is then spiral sliced from end to end. Each ham is packed with a honey glaze pouch. This ham is fully cooked, ready to warm, glaze and serve.

Bone-In Hams
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Our Buffet Ham is boneless, fully cooked and slowly hickory smoked using genuine Tennessee Hickory Hardwood. This ham is trimmed of all excess fat and gristle, so there is virtually no waste. The Flat Buffet Ham is ideal for any menu occasion, and is delicious sliced wafer thin for sandwiches, carved thicker for a buffet or serving line, or even thicker for sliced ham steaks

Our Bone-In Ham is a fully cooked and hickory smoked. We use only select grade hams to ensure that the fat cover is just right. It may be heated and glazed with pineapple, brown sugar, honey, etc. This ham is also delicious sliced and served cold.